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Feb 9, 2020
Effective Marketing on LinkedIn

Marketing on LinkedIn can be expensive and for that reason, many business owners and agencies disregard the social media platform when creating their online marketing strategies. However, we have found that LinkedIn can end up generating your lowest cost per lead, even if the click costs are higher. When you understand the different campaign types and how they work together, you can create a highly targeted, optimized campaign that can transcend industries on LinkedIn. Here are four tips by Optfirst Internet Marketing. 1. Utilize the Different Campaign Types We use a two-fold approach to reach our target audience on LinkedIn. We aim to show up in a user’s feed and in their messages. Creating this dual visibility allows us to present a concise message in feed ads, and then expand that message with more tailored specifics in the message ad. It also works to familiarize the user with your brand. Providing two touchpoint opportunities can increase click and lead rates. READ MORE: http://bit.ly/OptfirstLinkedinMarketing

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Sep 28, 2015

Optfirst Inc. is a full service internet advertising company based in Miami Shores, Florida. We offer internet marketing services that focus on creating a high ROI using over 20 different innovative methods to increase website traffic. So when you think how we can advertise your website, try optfirst.com. Where ethical internet marketing services are what you can expect. - Address : 168 NE 96th St. Miami Shores, FL 33138 - Phone: (305) 428-2539 - Website: http://www.optfirst.com/

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